Here at Swan Hill House we are fortunate in our location. We are just a 5 minute slow amble from Shrewsbury Town Centre, a definite plus for many of our residents who still enjoy a short shopping trip of a walk to the newsagents to pick up their daily paper.

We are also positioned close to the Quarry Park which hosts Shrewsbury's Annual Flower Show and offers the opportunity for our residents to take a walk (or be pushed) around the ovely Dingle and a stop on the way back for an ice cream of afternoon tea.

For the Theatre lovers amongst us we are only two minutes walk away from the Music Hall where there is a full and varied programme of entertainment running throughout the year from the annual pantomime through to concerts, plays, comedians and film cinema there is truly something for everyone.

And for those who just wish to relax there are out beautiful gardens, a little oasis of green in the middle of a busy town centre. The flower beds are of raised design allowing residents the opportunity to exercise their green fingers and thumbs or perhaps just to relax with the daily newspaper under the gazebo and enjoy the birdsong.